Website Services

Domain and Hosting

We can search and provide a selection of available domain names that reflect your company name or type of business.  Once your domain name is secured, we will arrange for your website to be hosted by one of the leading website host providers. We will ensure that your website host company will provide high availability, that it gives the option to provide more storage and processing power if your website needs to grow and that it provides a high level of security for your website.

Web Design

We will work with you to understand your Business and what you would like to achieve from your website. We will work with you to design a website that reflects your Business, to include your company branding, links to social media, email contact as well as your Business information and content.  We take a step-by-step approach with an initial consultation and agreement of your requirements.  We then provide a draft demonstration model of how your website would possibly look.  At this point we can fine tune the structure and content of the site before making it live and visible to your potential clients

Maintenance Care Plans

Just like any other part of your Business, once your website has been made live it will need to be regularly maintained. Regular backups are recommended,  and, like any other software or App, upgrades completed as new versions are released.  You may also need to update the information on your site to reflect changes in your Business, new promotions or additional services.  We can assist you with these requirements through one of our Care Plans.   This will be dependent on the amount of support and frequency of content changes, but a suitable Care plan and costs will be discussed before the website is made live.  Alternatively, you may decide to manage the ongoing maintenance yourself, in which case access to the website will be passed over to yourself after the site has gone live.

M1 - Basic Care Plan

The Website will be backed up daily and all updates and their testing applied monthly including the backup of the WordPress database. A performance report will be issued to the Customer monthly

M2 - CMS + Care Plan

Website Content will be updated to an agreed schedule and volume of change. This will be based on the amount of Pictures, Text and complexity of the change and therefore on time to implement. All items in the Basic Care Plan will be included

M3 - Self-Maintenance

Self-maintenance is perfectly agreeable, and we can supply access and security information as well as transfer the hosting contract as required. The Customer will then own the relationship for Hosting and maintain all aspects of their website. If the Customer requires, or after 60 days have expired since the Go Live date with no maintenance agreement, we will transfer the hosting contract and website support details to the client. A Video/PDF will be provided for the Customer to complete the maintenance themselves and Redhot IT Webs will no longer be responsible for the site maintenance

M4 -Standard Maintenance

We can offer a (£40) standard charge for content maintenance changes only, however if large changes are required (more than one hour), we will charge by time/volume. These charges only apply to a website created by us and continually maintained by us.

Website Development

At Redhot IT Webs we use WordPress to develop Customer websites. It is estimated that over 40% of websites use WordPress as their main website development tool. Originally starting as a blogging tool, WordPress has grown to include many types of website capability such as E-commerce, Membership websites, providing online courses and many more. It is a versatile tool and ideal for those about to develop their on-line presence as it has the functionality to expand into many other areas as your business grows. Contact us here at Redhot IT Webs if you are considering giving your business an online presence

Further Services


We can help you manage your email service, create new accounts and configure on mobile devices

Social Media

We can help you create and manage your social media such as Facebook and Twitter


We can help you create video content for your site


We can help you create great photographs for your site

IT Business Review

We can help you with a review of your IT systems