Connecting you to your customers

Redhot IT Webs is a South Wales based Website Design and Development business working with you to create your digital presence, and helping you to improve and sustain your Customer base

You may be unsure about joining the digital marketplace, maybe you are unfamiliar with the technical aspects or pricing may be a concern. However, Redhot IT Webs offers the Services to allow you to plan and develop your Business with a website presence

The digital market place is where you connect to your existing and potential new customers, so please come and discuss, in a free initial consultation, and discover how we can help you with your new website

Why do I need a website and digital presence?

Your existing and potential new customers are out there researching their next purchase. They are comparing companies, checking what is being offered and then buying goods and services.  They could be purchasing from you, but can they find you?  An online presence, particularly a website can help you generate more revenue as most people will search online before making a purchase.  Take a look below at a few of the many ways a website can help your business.

How Redhot IT Webs will help you achieve your website presence

There are three main areas that you need to consider for your website.  Initially you will require –


Website Hosting refers to the name of your website and physical online location where your website software and coding will be held.  There are specialist companies with data centres and networks designed to meet the demands of securely hosting your website. Redhot IT Webs will arrange a suitable website name and the hosting arrangements on your behalf

Web Design

Once the Hosting is in place, we can start to design and develop your website. Redhot IT Webs will work with you to understand your business, your target market and how you would like to portray your business brand. Redhot IT Webs will analyse your requirements and work with you to develop a suitable website that reflects your business and provides your potential customers with information to select you for their next purchase.


When the website development is complete, and you are satisfied with the design and functionality, you can launch your website. You can then be found by your  prospective customers.  However, just like any part of your business, the website will need to be maintained. Content may need to be updated to reflect changes and events in your business, software will need to be updated as new versions are released and reports can be generated to check how the website is performing.  Redhot IT Webs can assist with a Maintenance Care Plan to help you manage these requirements.

 As your online presence develops, aspects of your presence in the digital marketplace can become more complicated, requiring further analysis, market research and technical input all of which Redhot IT Webs can provide in partnership with yourselves.  

Need to know more?

If you need to know more about how we can help you connect with your customers, then take a look at our frequently asked questions or make contact with us to arrange a free initial consultation